Piano & Keyboard Lesson Advice

The following are a few notes to help students and parents/carers.

Practice: Learning a musical instrument is a skill and like all skills needs to be practised on a daily basis. Encourage your child to practise regularly, and set aside their own time to do this. Very young children will probably need you to help and supervise. .Rather than specify an amount of time, I give a number of repetitions, so do refer to the practice book to see what is required. After the work is completed, your child is free to play and experiment as much as he/she wishes! Even if you think that you are not musical yourself (unlikely!) your help and encouragement is vital. Please be aware that the week’s most important practice session is the one directly after the lesson, when everything is fresh in your child’s mind.

Queries: If there is anything you wish to discuss, or if you think your child is worried about something, do write a note in the practice book, or come in to see me. Tell your child that is OK to ask me if they don’t understand. It’s what I’m there for!

Music and Materials: There is a list of the music books I use also on this web page.. They are readily available from any music shop, or the internet. If you have any old music from your past lessons, we can probably use that as well. I am happy to obtain any music for you, but would appreciate prompt payment. In addition, I supply a lot of extra material and exercises and a folder would be useful to keep them in. There is so much material on the internet, that I can (or you can) often nd a particular favourite piece of music. In this case a small charge may be made to cover costs.

Grade Exams: These are available to students who would like to take their grades, in practical playing or written theory. They range from Initial to Grade 8, and I use Associated Board and London College of Music, choosing the one which will suit the child best. Exams are optional. They have their uses and show proof of an internationally acknowledged standard, but they are not the reason for studying music! For those who would like to prepare for a grade, entrance is made 6-8 weeks in advance, and sessions are at the end of each school term. Therefore exam fees need to be collected at time of entry.